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Drilling pipes

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Drilling pipes are the main tool in any exploration work involving rock destruction. Whether it is a search for water or the oil and gas extraction, or exploration at great depths - for all these types well drilling is necessary. A well of several tens or even hundreds of meters deep is made by the method of core or cone drilling, and it is the drill pipes that perform the main tasks:

  • Transmit rotational movement to the bit;
  • Transport drilling fluid (liquid, gas) for washing and blowing the soil;
  • Raise crushed soil to the surface;
  • Lower the tool (PDC, column drill, drilling bits);
  • They give extra load to the drilling tool due to its weight.

The job of the drill pipe is in many respects similar to the functions of the drill rod. Material composition, elements and shape are also similar. A drill pipe requires a steel of high density, an impressive wall thickness, a high-quality tool joint and strict compliance with execution at every stage of manufacture. For example, if a sleeve or a lock is welded to the finished drill pipe, then the entire pipe must be hardened again (processing with HDTV) so that there is no breakage during drilling due to changed material properties.

Drill pipe classification

Steel drill pipe (SDP) is a general purpose pipe for drilling, performed in accordance with GOST R 50278-92, 631-80, 7909-56, API Spec 5D. Pipes with welded, upset locks, with a diameter of 60.3 to 168.3 millimeters, have the strength groups of steel D, K, E, L, M. For the main body of the column, the pipe SDP-73 or SDP-89 with a thickness of 8- 9 mm and a length of 9.5 meters.

Square Kelly (SK) - is located at the very beginning of the film (above), it sets the torque on the entire col and bit. SK with a square, less often hexagonal cross-section, split-type or solid, made of steel of low strength groups: D, E, K. At the ends of the lead pipe there are sub adapters for connections with the drill col and swivel.

Drill Collar (DC) - completes the col (at the bottom), has a high alloy density (groups L, M / G105, S135) and a large wall thickness to transmit maximum load or impact force when drilling. Also, the large mass of the pipe at the base prevents deflection and bending during operation. A pipe of all types of lengths is produced, however, specialists prefer short drill collars (up to one and a half meters) for ease of installation and cost savings.

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