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Pipeline components

When laying the main pipeline, there is often a need to attach pipes with different diameters to it, including pipes with a change in flow direction. This can be solved with a help of pipeline fitting components: bends, reducers, T-bends, closers.


Welded, stamp-welded, weldless bends (90⁰, 45⁰) from the warehouse in Surgut and upon request. GOST 17375, 17375 2001, 30753. Competitive price. All products are certified.


The widest range of steel reducers of different types and form factors (weldless, welded, concentric, eccentric, GOST 17378) in stock in Surgut warehouse and upon request. Certified, affordable price, free delivery in Surgut.


Wide range of high-quality steel t-bends of different forms at the most affordable price in HMAO and YANAO. All products are certifide and meet all necessary requirements. 


Wide range of weld neck flanges of different specifications in stock and upon request. Affordable prices, free delivery in Surgut and to shipping company.


Flanged, dished end, spherical end cups at affordable prices from Surgut warehouse and upon request. All products are certified.

To check products in stock, prices and technnical characteristics of products, please call us +7 (3452) 56-88-32 or .

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