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Electric weld pipes

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Electric-welded pipes are industrial products from sheet metal made by welding. Scope: water supply systems, gas pipelines, heating systems and structural details. According to the manufacturing method there are:

  • longitudinally welded - have one weld seam running along the entire length;
  • spiral-welded - the weld runs along the entire length and rotates around the pipe in the form of a spiral. Promotes an increase in tensile strength. Made mainly of large diameters.

The first type was most widespread. This is explained by the minimal size of the seam and the simplicity of its control, which allows to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.

SVS-Oil LLC offers products that meet the following specifications:

  • Technical Specification 14-156-77-2008
  • Technical Specification 1303-006.3-593377520-2003
  • Technical Specification 1381-051-05757848- 2011
  • Technical Specification 14-3-1698-2000
  • Technical Specification 14-158-153-05
  • Technical Specification 1381-012-05757848-2005
  • Technical Specification 14-158-116-99

The choice in favor of this or that hire depends on the steel grade, strength class, parameters, which are determined by operational and temperature conditions.

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