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Construction metalworks

Production of metal works is a coplex task for engineers and shop workers. The price is calculated individually based on the difficulty of a project, materials, production series, and also requirements to the products. Our specialists are ready to answer the questions about details of metal works manufacture and will calculate the final cost.

SVS-Oil company is an official dealer of "ZMK "Ural", LLC, plant, that designs and manufactures metal works for construction of any complexity. All products undergo multi-level quality control.

Frames of buildings

Metal frames are the excellent solution for construction of quickly erectable structures - industrial, commercial and residential facilities, warehouses, hangars and others. They are notable for durability, high bearing strength, lasting quality and safety.


Used for overhead installation of pipelines, cables and other communications. They are bridge-type strong and stable structures, consist of stands and spacings. With their help it's possible to build both single- and multilevel bearing systems.

Hot rolled and cold bent ladders and rails (series 1.405.3-7.94)

Industrial ladders series HR and CB are made of hot-rolled and cold-bent steel profiles. Due to increased reliability they have, they allow personnel to climb on high heights. They ure used for landing sites, equipping bridge cranes, servicing lighting and other equipment.

Steel platforms and guardrails (series 1.405.3-7.94)

Metal platforms are installed on industrial, construction sites, oil processing plants, power stations and boiler facilities. They are made of durable steel, withstand high loads, can have various types of protective coatings for use in aggressive conditions.

Industrial stairs and guardrails (series 1.405.3-7.94)

Metal stairs are widely used in industrial sites, warehouses, infrastructure and other facilities. They are used to connect storeys in multi-storey structures, to give access to hard-to-reach parts of large equipment, and evacuation of personnel in case of emergency.

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