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Oil and gas pipes

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Oil and gas pipes are designed for the construction of oil and gas pipelines transporting both conventional and hydrogen sulfide-containing and corrosive media, for gas lift systems, oilfield facilities construction, including in the Far North.

Oil and gas pipes are made of metal smelted in various furnaces, treated with synthetic slag in a ladle furnace and cast on a continuous steel casting machine. This method of steel production provides a pure of harmful impurities (sulfur and phosphorus) metal, which provides the high strength, plastic and corrosion properties of pipes when working under conditions of low temperatures and corrosive environments.

The wall thickness is monitored along the entire length of the pipe using an ultrasonic device, as well as an automated non-destructive testing of the pipes by electromagnetic and ultrasonic methods to detect defects in the outer and inner surfaces. The ends of pipes before cutting and couplings after cutting are controlled by luminescent magnetic fluids.

Mandatory tests are carried out according to the requirements of the standards: tensile, flattening, hydraulic testing, impact bending test (if necessary).

The outer surface of the pipes, in agreement with the customer, is covered with conservation paint to protect against atmospheric corrosion during transportation and storage.

The pipes are delivered in round bags equipped with load gripping clamps. At the request of the consumer, the pipes can be equipped with caps to protect the ends of the pipes.

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