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Metalwork, supports, cable ropes

Construction metalworks

Construction metalworks

Frames of buildings

Metal frames are the excellent solution for construction of quickly erectable structures - industrial, commercial and residential facilities, warehouses, hangars and others. They are notable for durability, high bearing strength, lasting quality and safety.


Used for overhead installation of pipelines, cables and other communications. They are bridge-type strong and stable structures, consist of stands and spacings. With their help it's possible to build both single- and multilevel bearing systems.

Hot rolled and cold bent ladders and rails (series 1.405.3-7.94)

Industrial ladders series HR and CB are made of hot-rolled and cold-bent steel profiles. Due to increased reliability they have, they allow personnel to climb on high heights. They ure used for landing sites, equipping bridge cranes, servicing lighting and other equipment.

Steel platforms and guardrails (series 1.405.3-7.94)

Metal platforms are installed on industrial, construction sites, oil processing plants, power stations and boiler facilities. They are made of durable steel, withstand high loads, can have various types of protective coatings for use in aggressive conditions.

Industrial stairs and guardrails (series 1.405.3-7.94)

Metal stairs are widely used in industrial sites, warehouses, infrastructure and other facilities. They are used to connect storeys in multi-storey structures, to give access to hard-to-reach parts of large equipment, and evacuation of personnel in case of emergency.

Pipeline supports

Pipeline supports

Pipeline supports A14B (5.900-7 series: 4 release)

Designed to replace the 3.900-9 series, which designed to equip internal sanitary systems that are attached to the floor, and floor slabs.

Sliding supports (series 4.903-10: 5 release)

Designed for heating systems laid above ground and underground. The series covers a range of pipe diameters from 25 to 1,400 mm. Release No. 5 includes the following types: T13– T17. OST 4.903-10 applies to diameters: 1420, 1220, 1020, 920, 820, 720, 630, 530, 480, 426, 377, 325, 273, 219, 159, 133, 108, 89, 76, 57, 45, 38 and 32.

Rigid piping supports (series 4.903-10: 4 release)

Support structures play an extremely important role in the operation of pipelines pumping liquid and gas media. The main load is carried by fixed supports, which ensure the stability of the system. Such elements are affected by the weight of the pipeline and the transported medium, as well as thermal insulation. Supports must withstand significant snow and wind loads, thermal expansion of pipes, vibration.

Mobile support (clamp, steel) GOST 14911-82 General standard 36-94-83

Products designed to create steel technological pipelines transporting a working medium with a temperature from 0 to 450 ° C at a pressure of PN up to 10 MPa, correspond to OST 36-94-83 (GOST 14911-82). The outer diameter of the pipes can vary from 18 to 1620 mm. The declared characteristics apply to types OPH1, OPH2 and OPH3, as well as OPP1, OPP2, OPP3 and OPB1, OPB2. They cover products with the following DN indicators: 1620, 1420, 1020, 920, 820, 720, 630, 530, 480, 426, 377, 325, 273, 219, 194, 165, 159, 140, 133, 127, 114, 108, 89, 88.5, 76, 75.5, 60, 57, 45.48, 45, 42.3, 38, 33.5, 32, 26.8, 25, 23, 21.3 and 18.

Pipe support for pipes in polyurethane foam insulation

Pipes are later installed on these connecting structures. Polyurethane foam (PUF) is used for the manufacture of products. Clamps are presented in several modifications, each of them has its own characteristics that affect the efficiency of use. Products are especially important for sites with unstable soil or tectonic conditions.

Pipeline supports OST 36-146-88

They are used to fasten pipes made of low alloy or carbon steel during the construction of pipelines with the following indicators: outer diameter 18–1420 mm, low temperature of transported substances, nominal pressure PN up to 10 MPa, ambient temperature up to -70 ° С. General standard 36-146-88 applies to the following types: TP, TR, KX, TX, KP, HB, UP, TO, VP, ShP, KN.

Supports Series 313 TC (007, 008)

Sliding supports for pipes in polyurethane foam insulation are designed for laying pipelines of heat mains DN 50–600 mm. Structurally, they consist of a body with one or more (for the control unit over 80 mm) stiffeners and two clamps made of sheet steel. Used only as sliding elements.

Supports Series 4-903-10

In the drawings of the 4.903 series, the production of double-frontal frontal supports with horizontal or vertical arrangement of the axis of the stop is standardized. In addition, the production of four-piece elements along the horizontal and vertical axis at an angle of 45 degrees is regulated. They are made for pipes with a nominal diameter of 25 to 1400 mm.

Clamp Supports

Pipe clamp supports are made with clamps of a flat (made of metal strips) or round (made of a rod) shape. They can be movable or fixed - sliding. Flat clamps elements are used for installation of both steel communications and for pre-insulated pipelines, and models with round ones are only used for steel.

Support 57-KZ-A11

Steel supports according to General Standard 36-146-88 are designed for pipelines operating under pressure up to 10 MPa. Clamp, tubular and roller elements are used to fix pipes made of carbon and low alloy steels during the construction of technological lines with an outer diameter of 18 to 1420 mm, through which media with temperatures from 0 to 450 ° C are transported.

Yoke body supports BKHL

In accordance with the requirements of the General Standard, the yoke body supports of pipelines are made with an outer diameter of 32 to 1520 mm. They can be used with any transported medium and any pressure. Designed for operation in the range from –80 to +80 ° С, climatic modification complies with GOST 15150-69. The yoke supports are designed for high loads in the vertical and transverse axis of the nozzles, but they can move in the longitudinal axis.

Series 5-903-13, 7 release

Fixed pipeline supports manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the 5.903-13 series are intended for heating mains with a diameter of DN 25-1400 mm, operated at a pressure of up to 4 MPa and a temperature of not more than +420 ° С. They are made of carbon steel (for regions with a minimum air temperature of –30 ° C). At –30 ° С and lower, supports of low-alloy grades — 17GS-12, 17G1S-12, 14G2-12 are used.

Support 57 KP A11

According to General Standard 36-146-88, supports 57 KP-A11 are used as both movable and fixed elements of pipelines. They are made by metal processing under pressure with further joining of the body with a stiffener by welding. These are supporting structures that hold the horizontal lines of the pipelines, as well as compensating for the longitudinal and transverse compensation of the pipeline. The length of the supports is 170 mm with the ability to move up to 90 mm.

Support OPH2

Mobile clamp supports of OPH2 pipelines are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of OST 36-94-83. Designed for mounting pipes with a diameter of 57 to 1620 mm, while not designed for high loads caused by thermal deformation. For production steel 09G2S is used.

Sliding support in polyurethane foam isolation

Designed for water (cold and hot) and heat supply systems of heating networks, trunk, distribution and industrial oil and gas pipelines, oil pipelines, pipelines of cryogenic systems and other highways. They are used at a working temperature of up to +140 ° C (with the possibility of a short-term increase to +150 ° C) and a pressure of up to 1.6 MPa. Suitable for underground canal and non-channel, as well as elevated laying.

Fixed support in polyurethane foam insulation

Fixed supports in PUF are designed for installation in heat pipelines laid by the ground, as well as channel and channel less (underground) method. They compensate for vertical and horizontal loads, ensuring the stability of individual sections of the highway. In this case, the elements of the fixed supports absorb internal vibrations and stresses caused by the influence of the weight of the pipes, fittings and the working medium.

Freely movable supports

Freely movable supports (OSP) are used in civil and industrial pipelines. Elements fix the network in the position provided by the project documentation, preventing thermal deformation and compensating for the load on the line through their uniform distribution in neighboring sections. Suitable for transporting a working medium with a temperature from 0 to +450 ⁰С and a maximum working pressure of 10 MPa. Outer diameter - from 186 to 808 mm.

Supports in accordance with GOST 30732

They are made for pipes and fittings with polyurethane foam insulation. They are equipped with wide clamps and a large support pillow to prevent damage to the casing and isolate the trunk from its own weight when fixing. They are made of steel 3, 5, 10 and 09G2S.

Support according to General Standard 34-10-617

Sliding clamp supports according to General Standard 34-10-617 are used for fastening the pipeline in thermal and nuclear power plants. Designed for highways with an outer diameter of 57 to 1620 mm. For the manufacture of supports, steel of the St3, 20, 12X18H10T grades is used.

Support according to General Standard 34-10-622-93

Supports according to general standard 34-10-622-93 are designed for steeply curved pipelines with a diameter of 57 to 530 mm. They are made of carbon steel VSt3ps, as well as 20, 09G2S. The maximum temperature of the transported medium is not more than 115 ° C. Supports are used for gas pipelines and oil pipelines, technological pipelines in industrial enterprises, pipeline systems in thermal and nuclear power plants.

Steel wire ropes

Steel ropes

Steel rotary drilling line GOST 16853-88 from warehouse in Surgut and upon request. Competitive prices, free delivery in Surgut and to shipping company.

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